Almost every online casino (and in fact land-based casino) will offer welcome bonuses to entice newcomers to join their site. These usually tend to be along the same lines of deposit bonuses, free spins, or a combination of both. Whilst in theory these seem like a great idea, but are they really? Read on to find out whether these are truly worth the time to use. The no-deposit bonus, sometimes called the match bonus, is something that is most certainly worth taking advantage of. Casinos will match the amount of money placed into a new account. This money is essentially free and will allow players to play much more and try out more games without the fear of losing as it is in fact not their own money. If it is lost, then the player hasn’t lost their own money, and if wins are made then they have in fact gained. Sometimes these welcome bonuses also come in the form of free spins, though usually it is for a specific game. Again though, these free spins allow players to try out a casino or a new game at zero cost to them.

However, there is a very small downside, and this occurs when wins are actually made. Usually these bonuses come with strings attached, generally in the form of betting requirements. These tend to be such things as being only able to play certain games, the necessity to win a certain amount, and more. These requirements will need to be fulfilled before any money can be withdrawn and failure to do can result in the casino money (and any winnings associated with it) being confiscated from the account.

If used wisely though, casino bonuses can prove to be an excellent choice when playing online.