What’s a Flash Game?

Playing computer gamesThe chances are you have probably used some sort of flash game in the past. In fact, many websites incorporate flash into their website design, so even if you haven’t played a flash game you will surely have seen flash in action. While many people are familiar with this type of interactive media, they are often unaware of what it actually entails. Read on to find out exactly what flash it, why it is so popular, and what some of the most famous flash games of all time are.

So What Exactly is a Flash Game?

Quite simply put, flash games are a type of media that uses the Macromedia-developed flash software which has been designed and manufactured by Adobe. Flash games are created for both online and mobile applications, and they help to keep millions of people around the globe entertained. There are literally hundreds of thousands of different flash games available to play, including role play flash games, simulations, and puzzle games.

What Makes Flash Games so Popular?

There are several reasons why flash games have gained popularity in recent times. Firstly, they are easily accessible and they can be played on a huge selection of smartphones, computers and tablets. Secondly, they are often very affordable to purchase or even completely free to download. People of all ages can enjoy playing a flash game, and there are even a selection of educational games to help improve memory or to teach you a language too.

What are Some of the Most Famous Flash Games of All Time?

With so many flash games available it’s hard to get an official list of the most popular games. However, CNET recently listed some of the most famous games and they include Bejeweled, Portal, the Helicopter Game, Grow Cube, Zuma, Levers, and Snake. Angry Birds flash game is also one of the most popular games to be played online.Of course the subject can go a whole lot deeper when it comes to programming flash, but now at least you should now have a basic understanding of flash games and how they operate.
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